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Reminders Of Him is one of the best books of Colleen Hoover, released on January 18 2022.

I took one week to read this amazing book . I started on 22 may and finished it by 28 may, which is really long as I finish reading such interesting books in just two days or maybe less than that. I absouletly love this book , I love every character , specially Ledger Wards . Its a book that shows ” NOT EVERYONE WHO LEAVES, IS SELFISH”.

Its about mother-daughter love , how Kenna Rowan after spending five years in prison returned back just with the hope of meeting her daughter Diem who was taken away from her right after she was born. The whole book describes her story , of whether she could see her daughter and if yes , how ?and if no then why? The book is very emotional , the struggles that are shown of Kenna are so heart breaking …

Ledger Wards, a very sweet guy who loves Diem unconditionally , would become an obstacle in Kenna’s life. He’s not a bad person, but he definetely is wrong. It is not his fault that he loves Diem so much and wants the best for her.  Sometimes it’s heart breaking and painful, so much that, I kind of started disliking him .

Overall , it’s a great book to read , I can read it a hundred times more and be excited everytime as I was reading it for the first time.

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