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BOOK REVIEW: It ends with us–Colleen Hoover

It ends with us…
–Colleen Hoover
It’s one of the best books I have read till now. I really enjoyed reading this book. An emotional , sweet and sad book..

Lily a very passionate girl , who dreams of having her own business someday, accidentally meets Ryle Kincaid. Slowly Lily starts falling in love with Ryle, and Lily’s life changes.
Ryle is stubborn, possessive and sensitive. And he is also very passionate about his career.
Atlas Corrigan the sweetest guy a.k.a. Lily’s first love . When he becomes a part of Lily’s life again after so many years..Things start to change..

After reading the book I felt so sad and emotional. Even though, the book ended the way I wanted it to, I was still not very content.. and would have loved the ending the other way too.

It’s a book worth reading..If you get a chance to read this book definitely read it and see the different perspectives of people.

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