Maze Runner is a science fiction book written by James Dashner. It is the first book of the trilogy. It was originally published in 2009.

James Dashner is an American writer, who has written many beautiful and interesting book series.

Maze Runner is a book series which has 2 more sequels along with 2 prequels. The books are MAZE RUNNER, THE SCORCH TRIALS, DEATH CURE, along with the prequels, KILL ORDER and FEVER CODE.

Today I will be talking about Maze Runner.

Personally I really love this book, because this book is filled with excitement. Every page has a new mystery ,a new confusion. The characters in the story are as well confused, they don’t know where or who they are.

The book starts with one of the main characters, THOMAS who is put in an underground elevator. He is been taken to the glade, where many other boys were already living for years. And none of the boys had any idea of where they were.

The glade is basically an area in the middle of the maze, where the boys live. Every month a new boy joins them. There is also a group of boys who are called as the runners, who run into the maze every morning, in order to find out a way to get out of the maze. The runners have to be very careful while they are in the maze because there are grievers. The grievers are monstrous figures, whose one sting causes a lot of pain. The one’s who are stung have to take the grief serum, without which they can die.

There is also a process called changing, which happens to the one’s who are stung. As the boys remember nothing of their past, they regain few of their past memories.

There are many other main characters as well.

Like Newt, he plays a very important role through out and is very friendly with Thomas.

Gally, he is always a little angry with Thomas because he breaks a rule of the maze.

Chuck, he is the smallest amongst all and a very good friend of Thomas.

Minho, he is the best runners amongst all the runners.

Frypan, he is the cook and plays an important role in the series.

Winston, Alby are also some important characters.

There is only one girl who enters the glade, Teresa, and she is the last one. After her things and events in the maze start to change. She also plays a mysterious role in the story.

The whole mystery is about whether the boys come out of the maze, or they don’t come out. And if they do, do all come out alive or some die.

So everything in this story is mysterious and suspicious. Every page has a new mystery, new questions. Over all it is a wonderful book and if you are in your mid teens, you definitely have to read this book.

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