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The Locked Door – Freida McFadden📕

"Some doors are locked for a reason" Eleven year old Nora Davis, was unaware that her father was killing women in the basement, until one day the police appeared at their front door. Aaron Neirling, for several decades is spending his days in prison. Nora Davis is a successful surgeon, and nobody knows about her real identity and she wants to keep it that way. One day she discovers one of her female patients being murdered the same way her ...

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A morning in my life.

I feel my days are slow and calm. I wake up every morning and do the same thing everyday, drink tea , read some pages of my favorite book and then I write. I write about my day, about myself, about how I want to live today, about all the worries and all the happiness , about everyone who is a part of my life. Then I look for some inspiration , I look outside the window and see different people doing different things , moving with the flow of life ...



Dear dairy, I want to write something today, but I really don't know what. I can see the stars smiling at me and that makes me happy. The moon, looks so beautiful in the lonely dark sky. The stars and moon look so poetic in the dark, silent sky. I wish this night never ends, this feeling of peace remains forever.  But I want to write something today. Some words that can capture the beauty of this peaceful dark sky, so that I can look back y ...



Maze Runner is a science fiction book written by James Dashner. It is the first book of the trilogy. It was originally published in 2009. James Dashner is an American writer, who has written many beautiful and interesting book series. Maze Runner is a book series which has 2 more sequels along with 2 prequels. The books are MAZE RUNNER, THE SCORCH TRIALS, DEATH CURE, along with the prequels, KILL ORDER and FEVER CODE. Today I will be tal ...


Have you ever felt this way before? To disappear into thin air or become invisible. To have the ability to enter into someone's mind and see through their eyes, what your broken heart means to them. Have you ever wondered, If healing is more painful or the wound. If the person responsible for the pain is more dear, or the person who made you believe in love is. If both were the same. @when_rubyreads

Moved On.

Sometimes i feel you were wrong,but then there are daysWhen i feel i was wrongIt was all in my mindNothing was realMaybe i misunderstood youMaybe in your journey of lifeI was just a hurdleThat you passed byAndMoved on. @when_rubyreads